How Does Casino Cashback Work?
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How Does Casino Cashback Work?

With so many online casinos operating, competition is fierce. They use bonuses and promotions to attract new players and loyalty programs to retain regular players. The best casinos come up with some attractive bonuses. Players can get a welcome bonus when they sign up. When they make a deposit, they can receive a deposit-match bonus. For example, players may receive 100% of the first deposit they make subject to a certain maximum. There are various types of bonuses online casinos offer, including cashback bonuses.

What is a cashback bonus?

Cashback bonuses are one of the online casino bonuses that can help to retain customers. They are another type of loyalty reward where the online casino credits a player with a percentage of losses. It means that even if they play a losing hand, they don’t lose their whole wager and can get some money back. This enables players to continue playing, even though their budget may be nearing its end.

Cashback bonus percentages

Online casinos set cashback bonuses at a certain percentage. A common offer is 10% of losses in a week, subject to a certain maximum amount. Some casinos offer up to 15%, and some offer 20%, but this is rare.

These bonuses aren’t rewarded instantly. Players may have to wait a week to receive a cashback bonus. If a player loses $600 in the week and the cashback percentage is 10%, the player will get back $60. If the player loses $600 and the cashback percentage is 20%, the player will get back $100 instead of $120 if there’s a maximum of $100.

Online casinos often tailor their cashback bonuses and give VIP players a higher cashback percentage than regular players. The cashback percentage for VIPs may even be as high as 35%. People are always looking for make money online ideas, and a high cashback offer like 35% of losses can encourage them to play more and win more.

Cashback on total bets

Players can also get cashback offers on their total bets. It doesn’t matter whether they have a great casino experience and win or whether they lose. They will receive cashback on the total money they wager within a specific period. This is a fairly uncommon type of bonus in comparison to cashback bonuses on losses.